Beadweaving, bead applique, unique one of a kind exquisite heirloom jewelry designs for both women and men. Special care given to materials and design elements for each one of a kind, never reproduced creation.

Suzanne M.M. Warner of Elk River Beaworks is a lifelong artisan, multiple degree-holder, teacher and museum administrator. Her chosen craft for the past twenty years has been bead weaving and jewelry making. While living in Hawai’i in the 1970’s she learned the delicate art of shell weaving from a native elder and later translated the skill of working with tiny shells to working with European glass seed beads and Japanese Miyuki Delica glass cylinder beads. Today she credits her teacher, a full-blood Hawaiian woman from the island of Ni’ ihau who spoke no English, as a major influence on her art.  Suzanne earned three degrees from Southern Oregon University in Ashland, bachelors in art and in anthropology and a master’s in arts and letters.  She has also taught beading, art history, art appreciation and color theory in a freelancing capacity for the past 20 years.  She uses both traditional and contemporary styles and tools creating a new and personal signature of style in her work.  Japanese tubular glass beads, antique glass beads, seed beads, and nylon thread are the main elements of the work most of which is woven in the hand, one bead at a time.


In September 2010, designer Suzanne M. M. Warner was inducted into the Stetson Craftsman’s Alliance.  Stetson inducted ten woman into the “Stetson Craftsman’s Alliance,” the mission of which is to recognize and honor excellence across all craft disciplines.


 Women Who Design the West”

Stetson Craftsman Alliance Founding Inductees 2010

Top Left to right:

Thea Marx, Our host and owner of Contemporary Western Design

Maegan Crowley, Master Blacksmith

Meredith Lockhart, Western Fashion Designer, Master Seamstress

Clair Kehrberg, Saddlemaker, Master Leatherworker

Shoni Maulding, Horse Hair Hitcher

Heather, Thea’s Assistant at Contemporary Western Design

Pam Fields, CEO Stetson International

Bottom Left to right:

Audra Draper, Master Knifesmith

Diane Ross, Furniture Maker

Amber Jean, Sculptor and Woodcarver

Jessica O’Neal, Fashion Designer

Suzanne M. M. Warner, Bead Weaver



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